Factory Equipment Demolition / Disassembly

Ensure the value and sustainability of your Factory equipment is maximized when moving your facility. The professionals at SRT Group ensure that the demolition or disassembly of your factory equipment is done in a safe and efficient manner.

Conveyor System Demolition / Disassembly

Proper conveyor system disassembly is a complex process. The professionals at SRT Group have the experience and training needed to properly disassemble your conveyor system.

Pallet Racking Demolition / Disassembly

Proper disassembly and demolition of pallet racking systems is just as vital as installation. Demolition and Disassembly practices used by SRT Group will make the reassembly of pallet racks as seamless as possible.

Equipment Salvage & Removal, Scrap Metal Salvage & Removal

We will buy your old conveyor systems, presses, machinery, racking and manufacturing equipment. Call 901-413-7599 to sell your old factory equipment for cash.

Demolition & Disassembly Projects Coast to Coast

Thirty Years Experience.  SRT Group can have crews to your site in no time, no matter where the job is.  We use only master millwrights and riggers along with certified welders.

Scrap Metal Salvage & Recycling

SRT Group works with you to remove or recycle your scrap metal. SRT Group has very competitive rates or no cost options for the salvage and removal of all your scrap metal.

Equipment Salvage & Removal

Removal and Salvage of equipment can be an arduous task, especially when disaster strikes and time is critical. SRT Group prides itself on the standards they employ to see that your equipment is removed in the proper way. We purchase and remove old, industrial propane, liquid gas and butane tanks, 20,000 and up.

Material Handling Systems Purchase

Do you have an old or obsolete material handling system? SRT Group will purchase your old or obsolete material handling equipment for cash.

Material Handling Systems Demolition and Recycling

Let SRT Group assist you with the demolition or recycling of your material handling systems, we have 30-years experience for your project.