Longview, TX

Longview, TX

Lakeland (FL) Airport

The property manager at the Lakeland (FL) Airport Properties had a problem, she had a large tenant that just walk away from there business leaving all the equipment in place and nobody to take it out. She came to SRT Group and said, ”I have a new tenant for this property and I have to get this equipment removed now, but I have no money in the budget to pay someone to remove all this unwanted equipment.”  Within two week, SRT had all the equipment removed and sold for scrap.  Cost to the Lakeland Airport Properties: $0.00.

Gildan Sportswear

Gildan Sportswear, a Canadian company, purchased an existing distribution center in Charleston, SC that was full of unwanted equipment. Problem was, most of the equipment was on the 3rd floor and very hard to get to. SRT Group came in with six men and the right equipment.   Two weeks later all of it was gone and Gilden was ready to move in.  Then, Gildan Sportswear shut down their old plant in Hillsville, VA and came to SRT Group to completely gut it of all the obsolete equipment. Two weeks later everything was gone, at no-cost to Gildan.

Genco Logistics, Atlanta

Genco Logistics, Atlanta, GA came to SRT Group with a problem; they had 1,500,000 lbs of pallet rack (and that’s a lot of racking!) they had to get out of a warehouse after a lost lease. Genco had several other contractors come in and gave them shy-high prices to take down and dispose of all the scrap before they came to SRT Group.  By that time, the contract only had 30 days before the new tenant was due to move in. SRT had the right equipment and men on site within 48 hours. A crew of 26 men took 26 days to dismantle and remove all the racking and the new tenant moved in on time.  Best of all, SRT found a buyer for the scrap and the total cost to Genco was $0.00.