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Industrial Demolition Services For Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking Disassembly Services

Proper disassembly and demolition of pallet racking systems is just as vital as installation. SRT Group demolition and disassembly practices will make the reassembly of pallet racks as seamless as possible.

We’re Ready for Your Pallet Racking Disassembly Job

Pallet racking systems—even used ones—can be a valuable commodity. Whether you’re moving operations to a new factory, shutting down your business for good, or you just need old pallet racking out of the way to make room for something else, we can help.

We at SRT Group understand the technical precision necessary to properly dismantle pallet racking. We bring highly skilled workers, exacting safety standards and decades of experience to each job. We also bring the right tools. Whether we’re using telehandlers and shears or disassembling pallet racking systems by hand, we take the proper care to do it right. That way, your pallet racking system can be easily reassembled in another location or re-sold at a fair price.

Our Pallet Racking Disassembly Process

Pallet racking dismantling jobs require careful planning. We take time up front to visit your site, measure everything and ask the right questions. This process helps ensure we’re well prepared to tackle your pallet racking demolition project.

During our pallet racking demolition process, we can disassemble the pallet racking system into compact packages that are easy to transport, store or sell. We can also tear down other factory equipment, such as conveyor systems, and make those ready for shipping too.

Experienced Pallet Racking Disassembly & Dismantling Contractors

Our experienced team of around 40 industrial demolition contractors have been with SRT Group for roughly 20 years. Certified and insured, we use master millwrights, riggers and welders to complete your pallet racking disassembly in the safest, most efficient manner possible.

Pallet Racking Disassembly & Demolition Services

During a pallet racking system strip out, we get your factory, plant, warehouse or distribution center to a place where you can reuse the space without old pallet racks in the way.
With ceiling height restrictions and tight working areas, we exercise extra caution not to disturb the integrity of your building. Pallet racking system demolition lets building owners reconfigure floor space to satisfy new tenants or rejigger production capabilities.

Pallet Racking System Recovery and Recycling

At the outset of a pallet racking disassembly project, we often provide several options for salvaging or recycling old pallet racks. We research the current scrap metal market and the potential resale market for your equipment considering its type, age and condition.

Not only do we know the market for your pallet racking system equipment, but we also have the contacts to sell it to. By liquidating some of your pallet racking system assets, it helps offset the cost of factory demolition or plant dismantling.

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