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Industrial Demolition Contractors

How Our Industrial Demolition Contractors Qualify Factories & Plants

Before we take on a factory demolition or plant dismantling job, our industrial demolition contractors go through a careful vetting process. This process helps ensure we can uphold rigorous standards for quality and safety while performing our industrial demolition services quickly and cost-effectively. Our ultimate goal is your complete satisfaction.

Our Factory & Plant Dismantling Industrial Demolition Qualifying Process

The following steps outline what you can expect when you first reach out to SRT Group. We conduct a careful qualification process to ensure our industrial demolition services are a good fit for your project.

  • Scope of Work.
    During our initial phone call or email exchange, we’ll ask you about your project goals and timeline. We want to know the size of the site, what you hope to accomplish and when, and how much industrial equipment or machinery needs to be demolished or disassembled. We may ask you to send us a few photos of the project as well.
  • Site Visit.
    We need to see your facility in-person to determine exactly what we’re dealing with. For instance, we want to see the age, brand, and condition of your equipment, and how we’ll remove it from the building. A few things we look for include:
    » How labor-intensive removal and disassembly may be
    » Whether we’ll be able to use a telehandler or shear
    » Whether there is a drive-up into the building
    » How many doors your building has
    » How your equipment is anchored to the floor
    We do not charge you for our travel or time. These trips are just a necessary part of doing business. During the site visit, we’ll take photos and measurements, walk the conveyor system or mezzanine or pallet racking system, and ask several more questions.
  • Written Proposal.
    After we return to our office, we conduct research on the current scrap metal market and the potential resale market for your equipment’s type, age, and condition. Then we put together a written proposal for what the industrial demolition project will cost and how long it will take.
  • Purchase Order.
    Once you accept our written proposal, you may issue us a purchase order to get the ball rolling. We will also send you proof of insurance to give you faith that our liability insurance will cover almost anything.
  • Mobilizing the Crew.
    We have an experienced team of about 40 industrial demolition contractors who have been with SRT Group for around 20 years. We pack up our crew of master millwrights, riggers, and certified welders and head to your job site.
  • Speed and Safety.
    Once onsite, we get to work immediately on factory demolition and plant dismantling. We work quickly, but without sacrificing safety. We pre-plan and do not take shortcuts. We use all the proper procedures, setups, and equipment. All of this is to ensure our crew’s safety and your satisfaction.
  • Customer Walkthrough.
    Close to the end of the job, our president and owner Stanley R. Thorne, and the job superintendent will walk through the site with you. This is when you’ll make a punch list of anything still left to do. We don’t consider the job done until you are completely satisfied.
  • Payment.
    Depending on the size and scope of the project, we may ask you for a down payment before we begin work. But if there is enough scrap metal involved in the job, then we may not need a down payment. Otherwise, payment is typically due within 30 days of job completion.

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